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"Relationships in a Sexual Culture"

A one to three hour seminar on the differences between men and women in communication styles, likes, dislikes, hopes, desires, needs, moods, etc., what love is and isn't, plus nine reasons to postpone sex until marriage. There are lots of stories, letters, and illustrations from kids. It is fast-paced, humorous but pointed. It is not sexually graphic but it doesn't mince words either.

"Creative Dating"

When we ask guys to not be sexually active before marriage (knowing that sex takes up a great deal of their mind-time) we have to offer a replacement---something worthy of that time. Creative Dating can teach guys how to ask a girl out properly, how to treat her and win her heart. It stimulates ideas about where to go and what to do on dates which are more creative than just "going to the movies." Instead of being the "jerk," the guy can become the "hero." We teach everything from manners to hygiene---what to talk about on a date that may grow quiet and uncomfortable. We discuss what kind of a gift a girl would want for her birthday, and even how to figure out the tip on a restaurant bill!

"Girls' Night"

Girls, more than guys, tend to have a million questions about why guys do what they do, and why they think the way they do. So "Girls' Night" is tailored more towards Q&A time. Questions like: "How can I say 'NO' but not lose him?" "What do guys really want in a girl and how do I find the right guy?" We talk about stages that people go through in relationships, why love is so difficult, and how to get over past relationships. We also tell the girls what we told the guys in the dating seminar. (Don't tell the guys we do this.) We let the girls know how guys will be asking them out from now on and, if necessary, how to turn a guy down, but not destroy him. I also let the girls read a lot of letters other girls have sent me. Names have been removed so they can't tell who the letters are from. Girls need to see that what they are struggling with is common among them and that there is hope for their future relationships.

"Parent Night"

Parent Night is basically designed to let parents know what will be said in their students' upcoming assembly. It helps reduce any misunderstanding of the sexual content and information that will be given to their kids. Our aim is to help parents understand the culture their kids live in and see their role in their kids' sexual maturity. Parents often say they wish they had received this kind of information when they were kids, and that it actually answered questions they as adults have had about love, marriage, and sex. Parent Night also creates positive parental support in delicate issues.

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