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A Life Resources Presentation

The Challenge

Many people say that teens will have sex regardless of what they are taught in school or at home. Existing sex education programs are viewed by many as the only viable solutions to our nation's rising pregnancy and STD rates among teens. But as good as the information may or may not be, this year over one million adolescent girls will become pregnant and over three million teenagers will acquire a sexually transmitted disease. Students are receiving a very confusing and mixed message: "Don't have sex; but just in case, here are ways to do it safely."

Can Kids Change?

Can they really be motivated to become abstinent until marriage? The answer is YES! We are excited to say that thousands of kids are changing their minds about their sexual involvement. There are compelling and meaningful reasons to wait to have sex, and kids are choosing abstinence!

A Life-Changing Presentation

Life Resources believes responsible sexual behavior is determined not so much by statistics and "how-tos" but by heart motivation, values, and an understanding of genuine needs based on real life. The "Relationships in a Sexual Culture" presentation is designed to teach kids what healthy relationships can be, and how they can prepare themselves for future long-lasting, fun marriages. Brad describes the differences between men's and women's needs and desires, and how they each feel and communicate about life, love, and relationships. The presentation helps kids better understand themselves and shows what real love is, and is not, why kids feel so hurt, disappointed, and betrayed by what they are currently experiencing, and what can be done to change it.

Part of the solution to their hurt involves nine compelling and meaningful reasons why people should wait for sex until marriage. Specific attention is given to providing answers and help to kids who have already been sexually active, and who may feel "it's too late for me."

This presentation is designed to be given in a full two-hour assembly. The subject matter is the "draw," the humorous stories and the way in which the material is presented keep the kids wanting more. The recommendations and comments we have received indicate an overwhelmingly positive response from both kids and educators.

Our Purpose

Life Resources exists to help kids build healthy relationships by teaching them the emotional differences between men and women, and by showing them the value of sexual abstinence before marriage.

Life Resources is an organization whose goals and objectives are:

  • To present, within the context of secondary education, a pattern for relationships that is hopeful, relevant, and compelling.
  • To persuade sexually active teens to commit to secondary virginity. To encourage those teens already committed to sexual abstinence.
  • To prevent teen pregnancies, abortions, STDs, and emotional heartaches that are the results of pre-marital sex.
  • To network with local organizations that will continue to nurture kids to wholeness.


Brad Henning graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Seattle Pacific College. For the last 30 years, he has worked with junior high, senior high, and college students throughout the Northwest. From 1988 to 1994, Brad was area director for Young Life in the Greater Puyallup Valley in Washington. During that time, Brad made classroom presentations on relationships and abstinence in public schools in Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska. Because of demand for the presentation, Brad left Young Life staff in 1994 to found Life Resources, a non-profit organization, which allows him to do presentations full-time. Now in its fifteenth year, Life Resources has served schools in Idaho, Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, California, and Canada, as well as the original four states. Brad and his wife, Barbara, live in Puyallup, Washington.

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